Schikowsky, Jennifer
116 Years of quality Catholic education
Weekly Updates


Hi Parents and Guardians,

Our class is registered for a one month trial of Mathletics.  Students were each given a user name and password to use at school and at home.  Students glued the card with their user name and password in their agenda.  Students were assigned certain activities based on our classroom work on multiplication. 


We have started Guided Math and students will be working in groups according to their learning style.  Students have identified strategies that work for them when learning multiplication.  Each student will post a video on Seesaw describing their strategy to you.  Some of the strategies that we have used in class for multiplication are the following:

  1. multiples or skip counting (counting by 3, 5, 10 etc)
  2. using tens and ones blocks to create groups of objects and then counting or skip counting
  3. using bingo chips to create arrays and then counting or skip counting
  4. mental math strategies such as using a near number like 10 and then subtracting or adding (9x6 use 10x6 and then subtract one group of 6 or use 9x5 and then add one group of 6). 

You could also ask your child to explain their multiplication strategy at home.  Thanks for your support with this.


In FLA, we have been doing Guided Reading in small groups.  Students who have reached level 30 will be starting literature circles where they choose their own book to read as a group.  There are French novels and graphic novels in French for them to choose from.


Students have been leading the class in art activities related to the curriculum and they have been doing a great job.  They are very creative and have shown good leadership skills.