Belair, Lindsay
116 Years of quality Catholic education
Procedures and Expectations

Classroom Procedures

1. Assembly-  We have assembly every morning.  Students will enter the gymnasiym promptly following the 8:55 bell.  After entering, students will walk to our designated area in the gymnasium and sit in alphabetical order.  Students will rise without talking for our national anthem and morning prayer.  During assembly, students will keep their eye on the speaker, and listen attentively.  After Mrs. Vollet dismisses us, we will walk quietly back to our classroom. 

2. Morrning Routine – Students will enter our classroom quickly and quietly following the morning assembly.  They will hand in any homework, or notes in the silver basket on Mrs. Belair's desk, and hang up their jackets and backpacks in their locker.  Students will take the quickest route to their desk and ensure their pencil is sharpened.  Once everyone is seated and ready we will begin our morning meeting. 

3. Morning Meeting- Listen attentively to the lesson and contribute thoughts and ideas.  Quickly start your journal reflection following the meeting.  If you do not complete your journal in the given time, it will be homework.

4. Sharpening a Pencil – If a student needs to sharpen their pencil before working on an assignment the correct procedure is to WAIT until the speaker is finished talking. DO NOT get out of your desk until ALL directions are given.

5. Going to the washroom/getting a drink – Students are to use the washroom and get a drink at recess.  In the classroom there are two rulers, red-girls and blue-boys.  Only one boy and one girl may be out of the room at a time.  If a student needs to use the washroom during class time, they must first ask permission, then take the ruler and place it on their desk.  When students return to the classroom they will hang the ruler back up.  A student is NOT to ask to leave the room while the teacher is teaching a lesson or giving directions.  Please do not get out of your spot until all directions are given. I recommend having a water bottle in class so you can have a drink whenever you need.

6. Late Assignments – If a student does not have their work complete by the date the student is responsible for handing it in, the student is to hand in a piece of paper stating their name and the reason they were unable to complete the assignment. This way, each student will always hand in a piece of paper. I will then discuss with the student when their work can be completed and the appropriate consequence for their late work.




7. Dismissal – Students will be dismissed at recess and at the end of the day by the teacher. The bell does not dismiss the students. At the end of the school day, students will clean up their table area, then promptly pack their school bag with their agenda and homework, put on their jackets, put up their chairs and stand for prayer.

8. Homework - Students will usually be given ample time to do their schoolwork in class. There are times when students will need to finish up assignments or take projects home to make sure they complete their work with care and effort while meeting their deadlines. Students who do not use their time wisely will definitely be getting more homework. I expect all assignments to be handed in on time. If students are away for any reason, (band included) it is up to them to make sure they catch up on all assignments.

9. Rewards – When students are responsible for displaying positive attitudes and actions within the classroom the learning environment becomes exciting. The students will see the following rewards for his/her behavior: excelling in all subject areas, smiles, extra time to play classroom games, trust from teacher, more freedom to work with partners and in groups, class walks, positive notes sent home, first for dismissal, the opportunity to take control of their own learning, and more independence. In addition, the class will have an opportunity to receive rewards as the year progresses to celebrate our achievements and to strengthen our class bond. These rewards will be discussed and enjoyed by the entire class.

10. Consequences – When students are unwilling to cooperate with the class expectations, they have made the choice to accept responsibility for their actions. I will be monitoring the student's behavior on a daily basis. If a student makes the choice to consistently act out in class or on the playground, a series of steps will be taken in hopes that the student will see the benefit in making positive choices in the future. Some consequences may include: a Remind message sent to parents, missed recess time, missed field trip or school activity, phone call home, parent/teacher/student meeting and action plan, and missed extra-curricular activity. Please be responsible for your behavior within the classroom and school! Your behavior reflects who you are! Let's celebrate that you are one grade older – take this responsibility as a stepping stone to more freedom for positive decisions in the future.