Bresciani, Matthew James
116 Years of quality Catholic education
Weekly Update

Weekly Update May 15th - 19th


  • Students will have 30 minutes to silently read their novels each day. 


  • Our class will continue learning about Theme Three in Fully Alive, titled: Created Sexual, Male and Female.  This theme will discuss sexuality, examine puberty, fertility and identify STIs.  If you would like additional information, please let me know.  I am happy to send a textbook home for you to familiarize yourself with the content your child will be learning.  


  • In Grade 8 Math, students will continue to to apply their knowledge of probability and independent events. 


  • We will wrap up our Mixtures and Solutions unit with a final assignment and a game of Jeopardy on Wednesday. 

Phys. Ed.

  • In our skill classes this week we will continue to learn various tennis skills as well as gameplay. 
  • In our Mini-Gym period we will set up an indoor Gaga Ball pit. 
Other Important Information:
  • Grade 8 Farewell is on June 9th at Christ the King Parish.  
    • Pictures will be from 6:00 - 6:25.
    • Mass will be from 6:30 - 7:30.
    • Farewell certificates and exercises will be from 7:30 - 8:00