Zampese, Deena
116 Years of quality Catholic education
Leveled Literacy Intervention - Level 1

Learning Resource students working in Level 1 receive daily Leveled Literacy Intervention in a small group in addition to the regular reading instruction in the classroom.  During Term 1 instruction will focus on:

-letter recognition

-letter/sound relationships

            -recognizing easy high-frequency words

            -using both picture clues and letter clues to solve unknown words

            -making connections between words using letters, sounds, and spelling                 patterns

Tips for working with your Level 1 reader at home:

-practice naming and printing both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet out of sequence

-have your child point to words as they read

-use initial consonants and picture clues to solve unknown words

-practice recognizing simple high frequency words (the, I, with, my etc)

-have a comprehension conversation about the story