Firnesz, Jacqueline
116 Years of quality Catholic education
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See Saw:

This is our online learning portfolio to showcase student work! Please sign up today! I've starting posting photos, and students will soon begin sharing their work themselves by taking pictures of learning activities and wow work.


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Class Dojo:

I use classroom incentive called Class Dojo. Students earn points for positive behaviour, such as being on task, or helping others. Points can be earned individually and also as small or large groups. Please see the attached note to see how to track from your phone or computer. Class Dojo has other features (some of the features are similar to Remind or Seesaw, but I've turned the features off so that Class Dojo is just for positive behaviour incentive, which you can be kept up to date. We will celebrate success with small rewards, such as sitting at the teacher's desk for the morning or another similar prize.


Book orders:

Scholastic book orders will go home every so often. There are some great deals in the book orders! Please do not feel obligated to purchase. Payment can be made directly to Scholastic online or by cheque. I'd very much prefer not to handle cash if at all possible! Thank you. Book orders usually take a little over a week to come in from the due date.



We will begin using Raz-kids in the classroom, and I strongly encourage you to use it at home EVERY DAY as well. Raz-kids allows students to listen to stories (fiction and non-fiction) at their reading level, then read the same story independently, and finally take a mini quiz to test their comprehension. Students earn points as they progress. I will track and monitor points earned at home and school. It is fantastic way to build fluency and comprehension. Finding 5-10 minutes a night to listen to your child read on Raz-kids is a very easy way to ensure your child continues to make progress and is reading at the required reading level.


A great way to build fluency or speed with simple addition and subtraction, as well as develop skills in all areas of the math curriculum.


I'd love to have extra hands in the class, whether it is on a regularly scheduled basis or you have a few hours to spare every now and then. Please let me know if this is something you are able to do.

We also often require parents to join us on field trips, and would love to have your company and help!

Parents and grandparents who volunteer either in the classroom or on a field trip are required to have a current criminal record check. These are free with the Regina Police Service, as they are for volunteer purposes. If you let Mrs. Newman know, she will supply you with a letter from the school, which will waive the cost of the check.



We celebrate birthdays in the classroom! Each student gets to bring home the birthday binder and we make a special birthday book for the special boy or girl. Let me know in advance if you wish to send a treat so I can be sure we will have time to enjoy it. (cupcakes are so much easier than cake!!! J)

Please refer to the family contact information – the list of addresses, phone numbers and emails. This allows families to deliver birthday party invitations OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. I realize this creates a bit of extra work on your end, but I'm sure you can understand how the child that sees so many others get a party invite must feel when they don't get one themselves.  I appreciate your cooperation with this.



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