Woolley, Conor
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Classroom Procedures


Classroom Procedures 2019-2020


  • Head straight to the gym once inside
  • Sit in a spot where you will not be easily distracted
  • Follow other established routines for O Canada and Prayer
  • Participate when appropriate
  • Leave anything you don't need (pens, pencils, cell phones) in the classroom
  • If you are asked to move please do so quickly and quietly

Beginning of the Day

  • Enter the classroom quickly and quietly
  • Check the board for a morning message
  • Hang up coats and jackets
  • Put on indoor shoes
  • Begin work on morning task
  • Read silently if finished early

Announcements/ Prayer

  • Stop working
  • Stand respectfully
  • Make the Sign of the Cross when appropriate
  • Participate when appropriate
  • Listen attentively
  • Resume working again once announcements are complete

End of the Day

  • Begin getting ready only when instructed by the teacher
  • Ensure desk and the area surrounding are clean
  • Double-check to make sure that any and all homework or notes are in your bag to take home
  • Check to see if classroom job needs to be completed and ensure it is completed if necessary
  • The teacher dismisses you not the bell

Classroom Jobs

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your classroom job is completed when necessary
  • If you need assistance to complete your classroom job please ask
  • If your partner is away you are still responsible for completing the task

Classroom Numbers

  • Everyone will be assigned a number
  • It is your responsibility to memorize that number and respond when called
  • Computers, textbooks, and other materials will be assigned based upon this number
  • Ensure that you are only using materials that correlate to your number


  • Ensure that you are following the instructions of the supervisor at all times
  • Make sure that your area is clean before you go outside for recess


  • Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather
  • Head outside in a timely manner
  • Follow the instructions of the supervisors
  • Return to the classroom respectfully and in a timely manner
  • You are responsible for returning the equipment if you take it outside

Done Work Early

  • Make sure the work is completed to the best of your ability
  • Check the board to see if any additional instructions have been provided
  • Complete any other work you may have
  • Help your classmates is appropriate
  • Read silently
  • Check-in with teacher

Washroom & Water Fountain

  • Whenever possible these should be done at recess and lunchtime
  • Raise your hand and ask for permission- this will change down the road
  • Only two people are allowed out at once
  • This should never happen when the teacher is giving instructions


  • Movement in the hallway should be done quietly
  • Always walk on the right side
  • If you are working in the hallway make sure you are respectful of the other classes around you


  • Wait until you are called to get your computer
  • Please grab your assigned computer (based on your classroom number)
  • If your computer is missing, damaged or not working properly let the teacher know right away
  • Ensure that you are using the computer as instructed
  • Ensure the computer is plugged in when you put it away

Cell Phones

  • Phones will be locked up upon entering the classroom each morning and given back at 3:35
  • Exceptions will be made for those going home for lunch- the phone will be locked up upon return
  • This procedure will change over the coming weeks and months
  • Any and all communication can be done through the office

Late to Class

  • Check-in at the office before you come to class
  • Quickly and quietly enter the classroom
  • Check the board to see if there are any instructions
  • Check with a classmate or a teacher to see what you missed

Missing Class

  • You are responsible for completing work that was missed
  • Your classmates and teachers are available to help if needed
  • The general expectation is that the work be completed for the next class

Teacher Instruction

  • Eyes on the teacher
  • Conversations are stopped
  • Takes notes if instructed or desired
  • Raise your hand if you have a question and wait to be called upon

Independent Work

  • Work by yourself and at your own desk unless instructed otherwise
  • Ensure that the volume level is appropriate- see noise chart
  • Ensure that you are putting in your best effort before you ask for help
  • If you have been given permission to listen to music ensure that the volume is at an appropriate level

Group Work

  • Stay with your group for the duration of the period
  • Ensure that all conversations are appropriate and on topic
  • Ensure all members are contributing
  • Check with everyone in your group before you ask another group or the teacher for help


  • Work will never be explicitly assigned for homework
  • When class time is used appropriately the amount of homework should be minimized
  • Homework is expected to be completed prior to arrival at school
  • If homework is regularly not completed there will be escalating consequences

Emergency Procedures

  • These procedures will be reviewed throughout the year
  • You need to be familiar with each procedure and know what to do- ask questions if you don't
  • These procedures must always be taken seriously even if you know it is a drill

Backpacks and Jackets

  • These should be hung up immediately upon entering the classroom
  • They are not to be stored at your desk

Appropriate Dress

 "As a Catholic school, we want to help our students understand modesty is an essential part of who we are and what we represent. Students are expected to dress in appropriate clothing that is suitable for the weather and represents the values we express in our Catholic faith. Clothing such as muscle shirts, open backs, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, short skirts/shorts, and bandannas are not allowed. In general, students will be expected to have a clean appearance that is reasonable, modest, decent and respectable."

Phys Ed.

  • You are expected to be changed out for each class in the gym
  • On certain days different dress may be appropriate and will be expected
  • Full participation is expected in every class unless a note is received
  • A positive attitude and respect for one another is required​